What is a RumFest, you ask?

An International Festival !

Following on from the overwhelming success of last year’s first ever Mauritius Rum Festival at Le Suffren Hotel & Marina, the Indigo Group has decided to go all out in 2017 with an even better, more exciting and exclusive event! Guests of this second edition are invited to join a fun and informative journey of discovery in the stunning gardens of Le Suffren Hotel & Marina. What better place for local and international rum lovers to celebrate the diversity and fascinating history and science behind the drink than in a country that has celebrated it for centuries?

The Mauritius RumFest 2017 is a stylish, celebratory and entrance free event, featuring international exhibitors, mainly from the Caribbean, Indian Ocean islands and Europe, collectively showcasing over 150 delicious rums. Other highlights of the festival are designed to show off Mauritius’ many additional talents in the food, music and entertainment arenas. Now’s your chance to soak up the best of authentic Mauritian culture and cuisine and delight in cool cocktail capers and entertainment!

Must-see master classes by our international speakers top the bill and are dedicated  to enhancing ever-essential rum knowledge – but also provide a chance for industry professionals and partners to interact, share and learn from other equally enthusiastic notables. The world is coming to Mauritius Rum Festival 2017 – you can be sure we’ve blended all the right ingredients to create a truly amazing and memorable event!

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